As well as offering a number of pre-built CRM and e-marketing solutions, Super Rad understands that one size doesn't always fit all, and we have a solution in place.

Under Super Rad's hood we have a number of skilled developers who have experience in not only campaign management, and data administration, but in the actual design, build and implementation of bespoke databases and CRM systems.

If you want it, we'll build it

We've created route planning and ticketing systems for a transport network, as well as internal office administration tools to help managers maximize their staffs potential.

Custom reporting, and data mining are also services we offer.

We also offer data migration and conversion solutions.

We can take your data in visualise it in ways that you may have never thought possible.

Our developers are skilled in all flavours of SQL, MS Access, JAVA, Python, C+, HTML, PHP, and web technologies such as Apache.

We're also available to consult on your existing data handling procedures, and implement new processes where necessary.

Contact us for an informal chat to see if we can help.